Turnkey Development


With the development of all the facets of natural botanicals, we have gathered a team of experts and strategic partners excelling in innovation, dedication and deliverance. We have expertise with designing and hands-on experience with farm project planning and management. We also collaborate with selected commercial farmers and because it has become a passion, the farm is managed according to biological farming and organic principles. We can tailor our message to the audience ranging from farm workers to board members. We develop innovative processing solutions for clients in the high-value agri-processing sector. Our specific experience lies in the essential oils, dried herbs, and herb-plant extracts for the fragrance and flavour, pharmaceutical and neutro-ceutical, beverage and natural botanical industries. We have been involved in various agricultural projects for individuals and corporate clients.



  • • optimising agricultural production with low cost innovative solutions.
    • design and implementation of novel combinations of technology in agri-processing.
    • project design and management and problem solving in existing projects.
    • turn-key applications in agro-processing.