Botanical Products

Fresh herbs, Dried herbs, Essential Oils & Extracts


Our farming & processing practices are organic, biological in practice and based on natural approach. We also buy and sell organic and conventional for the Medicinal, Cosmetic and Food industries, locally and internationally.

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Dried Botanicals
Currently our main crop for drying is Rosemary verbenone.
Essential oils
We produce and source essential oils. Currently more than eleven types of organic essential oils are produced. Organic Rosemary verbenone is by far the largest by volume. Quality, Quantity, Price and Sustainability are the driving forces behind the processing of our oils. Because we are involved in the total production chain supplying the correct plant material, correct cultivation techniques, distillation methods, storage and manufacturing - we can guarantee quality and tractability. Refined techniques and quality equipment define our superior distillation resulting in a sustainable end-product with little variation. The oil is sold in bulk as well as in smaller packaging.
Organic certified hydrosols of excellent quality and profile are produced with a range of our cultivated plants.
We offer a wide variety of botanical material both in its raw and dried form and in a variety of extracts. Extracts range from tinctures, essential oils, hydrosols to potencies and powders.